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“Reframe your thinking to allow yourself to decide who you want to be sexually from a place of information not ignorance”

As a sex educator and intimacy coach, the womxn and couples I serve are on their pathways to self discovery and healing from sexual shame and traumatic experiences that may be hindering their full expression of authentic sexuality. Using somatic, cerebral and metaphysical modalities to guide, nurture and heal the wounded and shadowy parts of ourselves to blossom into the light that is your uniqueness and authenticity is the journey my clients embark on together with me. If you are seeking to step into the fullness of who you are and living a life filled with pleasure and confidence, then your search is over. 

 At the centre of my practice is the imperative to shine light on Black sexuality, feminine empowerment and inclusive and comprehensive sexual education. I strive to create positive safe spaces to grow and connect womxn to further impact our experiences and affect change for generations to come. Together we can embark on a journey of self love, empowerment and collective healing.  

Let me be your guide.

Hi, I'm Rashida...

I am a badass, audacious babe, who loves to live her life basking and illuminating in her divine feminine energy and empowering others to embrace rest, flow and ease as a way to live a more pleasure-full life.  I meditate and use affirmations daily, have amazing and fulfilling sex with myself and my partners and I'm not afraid to ask the tough questions. 

I have worked with brands and organizations like Good For Her, AIDS Committee of Durham Region, Ontario Tech University, Monique Bryan Worldwide and Aurelia Lingerie to bring transformative and accessible sexual wellness education to people all over the world. Having over 20 years of expertise within the sexual wellness field as well as studying Psychology and Sexual Studies and as a Certified Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Coach , I bring my wealth of knowledge and practical teaching style to my group classes, individual coaching sessions and speaking engagements. 

Dive in to how we can work together.

The VIP Day

How We Can Work Together


Personalized coaching for womxn and couples looking to overcome sexual barriers and deepen their connection between the body and mind using the Reclaiming Sexual Sovereignty Program


Specialized, interactive and inclusive workshops for any size group on topics related to feminine sexuality, reproductive health, pleasure and sexual wellness


Keynote, panel and podcast speaking opportunities with organizations looking to create and facilitate inclusive sex positive education and wellness spaces

The VIP Day

How It Works

1. Book a consult.

2. Do the work.

3. A newer more sexually confident you

Give Love. Receive Love.

Thank you for being the most amazing coach Rashida! I've had sooo many breakthroughs and aha moments from "showing up and doing the work daily". I am a much better version of myself because of your guidance and tools you have given and shared with me that I will carry with me always. Bless you! I am extremely grateful for you!


For the longest time, I hadn't the foggiest idea what the hell my body needed (even now, with your help, I'm learning and figuring it out). I know I needed the basics, roof, clothing, shelter which always translated to I need to work. Never... you need rest, luxury, comfort and love. I'm slowly learning what all that looks like in regards to ME, MY BODY, MY MENTAL HEALTH, but more importantly what it looks like coming home to me. That discovery call I made November of last year is one of the reasons for this woman you see before you today. Make the call, your inner child, current and future self will thank you for it later. You are worthy of the investment and that's on growth. 



“I’m able to say no without remorse. I'm able to identify my feelings as they arise, that allows me to cope better than previously. I’m also free from the guilt surrounding my trauma. Now I can reclaim my power that had been taken from me all those years ago. I loved the way it was approached holistically, and held more as a conversation between two friends. The environment created felt safe to allow me to be vulnerable so we could better identify the cause(s) of why I hold back with my sexuality.”


The girls said that they learned so much in your class and will start practicing safe sex. They have even said they will start being more selective with the men they chooses to have sex with. I am happy the ladies now feel comfortable to talk about sex without feeling ashamed about it. 

Thank you for the work that you do, I hope you realize how important this work is and the huge impact you have on women.


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It’s YOUR time to get Mindfully Sexy!

Join the Mindfully Sexy Revolution by dropping into greater presence and pleasure!

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