A Newer More Sensually Connected Me

        I remember when I first discovered the 5 Love Languages and I denied the results. My primary love language is Acts Of Service. 10 years ago, I was not ready to accept that I most receive love when someone acts in service to me.. I was Miss Independent. I didn’t need anyone to do anything for me. But I was ready to accept that I show my love that way, because I’m always doing for others. I was the “responsible big sister, mom friend type” and I believe that I played my role pretty well. So I neglected the reciprocal aspect of Acts Of Service and chose to use my secondary love language as my primary. Physical Touch. I’m good at that one. At that point in my life, I was consistently having very good sex and I was pretty confident in my abilities and I really enjoyed the way my body felt…especially when it was touched by someone else.  


         So I took the information that I learned about the 5 Love Languages and how it could apply to my life and experiences and kept it moving. The interesting thing was that I always still felt that there was a missing piece to understanding really how I gave and received love and affection, related with others and related with myself. Fast forward to 5 years later I stumble on the Erotic Blueprints and at first I thought it was a bootleg version of the Love Languages and quickly discounted the validity of the knowledge and insights, but then I read a little more and decided that it was some “white people woo woo mess” (Ignorance is not bliss, my friends) and kept it moving. 


          How many times have you been given new information and it challenged a preconceived notion or belief that you held and you made a decision to continue holding onto what you knew to be true? If you’re like me then I’m sure, several times… so no judgement here. If you’re not like me, then well good for you. This is precisely the type of behaviour which holds you back from growth, innovation and advancement. Once new information is presented to you, you are then given options previously not known and your choices become more numerous. 


         The choice to assimilate the new information into your existing knowledge base is usually the least attractive option in regards to the internal change that must occur, so most folks choose to keep the status quo. Yet this particular option in most cases, is the most fulfilling and self beneficial. That being said, when presented with new information, you are allowed to change your mind. 


          I finally decided to change my mind in the middle of a global pandemic, when my personal life and collectively the lives of billions of people was crumbling and shattering as we knew it. I had been receiving emails from the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough (EBBC) Program and I would never open them. I had just competed in a business pitch competition hosted by The Total Mom Show, and I was feeling pretty confident in myself.

        As my Divine would have it, I decided to open one of the emails from the EBBC and in it was all about the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Certification Program. I knew that I was ready to take my coaching to another level and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. I was ready to sign up and then I got to the sales page and my heart dropped. $15,000?!? Ok so that was DEFINITELY not happening. I honestly felt discouraged. Like who the fuck would pay $15000 for a coaching program???

          But then I remembered I had already paid close to $3500 for a coach and was in the process of paying close to $4000 for a VIP Photoshoot. Ok so I realized that I WAS one of those people who would spend that sum of money on up leveling myself. I just didn’t have it.. and I just didn’t have the means to get that amount of money in the short period of time. The certification program started in one month. I sat there feeling defeated and then I noticed that they were offering scholarships and vocational training positions and got the bright idea to apply.

        I apply for one of the vocational training positions because it required me to work as a “pseudo teachers’ assistant” to a small group of other new coaches and my tuition would be covered as a part of my service to the Erotic Blueprint Community. In addition to my already busy life of running a business full time, home schooling my 9 year old, navigating the anxieties and stresses of a provincial lock down and dating…., I just added the equivalent of a part time job to my schedule. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Can you imagine… THE only reason I didn’t apply for the scholarship is because the application required essay type answers and I “thought” I didn’t have enough time to write a bunch of essays. Ridiculous…. I know. 


       I look back now and know that I was meant to do the vocational training position, I was meant to meet and connect with some of the most brilliant, inspiring and loving people you could ever meet within my special small group of coaches. Eight months of meeting with them once a week created a bond that I know helped me through some of the toughest and most challenging aspects of completing the certification.

       I can say with complete confidence, the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Certification program changed my life. The deep intimacy that I now have within myself, is largely due in part to the to the Erotic Blueprints. My primary Blueprints are equally Sensual and Energetic with Shapeshifter coming up close behind, which literally is my entire existence. Becoming certified as been a gift to not only my clients but most importantly myself. 

My Sensual shows up in my love for soft fabrics and the importance of setting the right vibe and ambience for EVERYTHING… and my Energetic helps me discern and navigate through every interaction that I have and how my body responds to them. In the bedroom, this information has been a gold mine. I have so much more clarity on what is required for me to be at my best,  at my most confident, at my most ME in the bedroom, which allows me to really be present with my partner and have an amazing experience. Your presence is a gift that you give to your partner, here is where your partner feels seen, heard and understood. Wouldn’t you want to give this gift to your partner within the intimate and vulnerable space of love making???


      Learning about your Erotic Blueprint and how it can create a depth of delicious, intimate connectivity within your own being and within the relationships around you is empowering. It’s powerful stuff to know how you best interact with your partner, what barriers are existing that are preventing your full sexual expression and how to expand into new ways of creating the sex life of your dreams. And that’s just the bonuses y’all… The deeper understanding and knowledge of how your Blueprint shows up in your daily life and governs your behaviours, thoughts and actions is the real winner. I really love this for me. I really love this for you. 


About Rashida Ahmed

I am a regionally recognized sex educator and coach who has been helping to empower womxn all over the world shed their sexual shame and embrace and increase their sexual pleasure and well being.

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